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WiFi Installations

Indoor and Outdoor WiFi Installations
Seamless roaming | Mesh networks | Long range point to point

Fast and dependable WiFi

Speed, reliability and security are the three key aspects of good wireless connectivity

The Good IT Company believes in proper preparation for WiFi networks – from selecting the right hardware, putting it in the right place and configuring it properly.

Real WiFi solutions start with thorough planning. When you get it right, you’ll be moving seamlessly around your entire premises with no dropouts or noticeable decrease in speed, whilst also knowing that all of the data you’re using is private to you. Public networks will also be kept separate to corporate networks.

Long range, point to point networks

Wireless networks can form a useful alternative to cabled solutions in a range of situations, from outbuildings, to campsites and local (but not physically neighbouring) buildings.

Planning and design is key with these networks – properly implemented they can be used over distances of several miles. 

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