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Total Security Management

Our Flagship Security service, offering fully managed IT security, with all the hardware and software changes that your business needs to operate in the modern age with comprehensive protection against attack, and a continuous improvement approach to Cyber Security.

Bespoke IT Security Plan

Proactive Security

Staff Training and Testing

Cyber Essentials Included

Business IT Security, Built for your business.

Total Security Management is The Good IT Company’s flagship IT Security service, offering a proactive and comprehensive approach to your business IT Security.

Our Security Consultants will work with you to provide a well rounded, bespoke package of security benefits that reflect the way you do business, and who you do business with.

All Total Security Management plans include a Cyber Essentials (Or Cyber Essentials Plus) Certificate, giving your business recognised credibility as an organisation that takes IT security seriously.

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What you get...

Every Plan is different, but you’ll typically get a range of services including:

  • A fully supported Next Gen Firewall with security subscription services
  • Cyber security documentation and policy writing
  • Vulnerability and scanning and Penetration Testing
  • Phishing Simulation and Employee Awareness testing
  • Continuously improved Microsoft Secure Score
  • Endpoint Protection/AntiVirus Software
  • Enhanced Email Spam Filtering
  • Organisation wide Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Full Disk Encryption
Total Security Management protects your organisation using the most comprehensive tools available. With the cost of a Cyber Attack on a small business easily running into tens of thousands of pounds, protecting your IT infrastructure is an easy decision to make.


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