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Microsoft 365 Cloud Services

Fast provisioning of Microsoft 365 services for your business - no additional fees, 30 day contracts
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30 Day Contracts

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Microsoft 365 Services

The Good IT Company provides Microsoft 365 services for businesses. As a Managed Service Provider, we’re able to match the Microsoft Annual commitment rates on a 30 day rolling contract for each service you take with us, giving you ultimate flexibility.

We use and provision Microsoft 365 services every day. We know what they offer, we know what they do and we know how to configure it best for you organisation. Efficient license provisioning can save considerable sums of money for your business

Access to a complete range of services

From a single email account to a full suite of Office Applications for your whole business, we can provide everything in the Microsoft portfolio, including Windows Enterprise Licenses for enhanced connectivity and security options.

See how much time could you save: