The Good IT Company

Hardware Maintenance

We support and service a wide range of equipment, and specialise in repairing and maintaining
HPE servers | desktop and laptop computers | iMacs and Macbooks

IT Equipment servicing, repairs and maintenance

The Good IT Company have specialist facilities for servicing and repairing a range of IT equipment, including desktop PC’s, laptops, rack and tower servers. we also (where possible) provide upgrade services for iMacs and Macbooks.

Well maintained hardware performs better, increasing productivity. It also lasts longer, reducing total cost of ownership and environmental impact.

We can offer full equipment refurbishments, and benefit from the Microsoft Authorised Refurbisher program, meaning these fully refurbished devices can be cleaned, have upgraded hardware (RAM, CPU, SSD etc), be given a long warranty and  be installed with the latest Windows operating systems for a greatly reduced cost compared to replacement.

End of Life Device Management

Disposing of IT equipment properly is a huge responsibility – with the average employee going through around 16 devices through their career, ensuring that end of life hardware is disposed of considerately is vitally important.

The Good IT Company take the environmental impact of what we and our clients do very seriously – it’s part of our mission statement and our culture. 

We securely erase data from hard drives via a destructive method (punch and crush), then pass the remaining devices on for either donation to charity and other projects that may benefit from them, refurbishment and reuse, or recycling of the components.

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