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Disaster Management

Helping you through the difficulty of a hardware or data disaster
Ransomware support | Server support | Data recovery

Disasters happen

However much you plan, disasters can still happen. Hardware failures, ransomware attacks and other malicious activity can impact your infrastructures ability to operate effectively, risking data loss or other loss of service.

Whether you’re an existing client or new, we can work with you and your infrastructure to develop the most effective recovery plan, whether that’s data recovery, server maintenance or walking you through the difficulties of a ransomware or similar attack.


Skilled advice and guidance

The Good IT Company have dealt with a number of disasters, including failed RAID arrays, encrypted data and other hardware failures. We have a wealth of experience and skill in hardware repair, data recovery and damage assessment.

Ransomware is one of the biggest threats to business IT, and these are becoming more sophisticated all the time. We can help you find the best way forward from these stressful events.  

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