Home and Remote Working

Enabling effective home working has become serious business, and The Good IT Company has been working hard to provide a range of dependable options.

Every business is different, and the right method to enable home working differs between organisations.

Many companies already provide options – though these were usually intended to be occasional, short-term solutions, rather than enabling an entire office to be connecting and using your infrastructure as if they were in the office, Times have changed, and this has now become an important requirement for companies in a whole range of sectors.

Host Your Own Infrastructure

Bring your server, or provision a server in our own data centre, with high speed access and infinitely flexible solutions – you could provide a system for each of your users which is reliable, trackable and implemented to your specifications

Connect to your infrastructure

Want to keep your servers in your premises? No problem. We can assess your infrastructure and advice on any improvements needed to make home working a second nature of your business.

Migrate to Cloud services

There are a wealth of third party services around to provide all manner of collaboration and hosted working tools. As long as you have an internet connection you can use these tools to provide powerful tools to your business and it’s users. As an MSP, The Good IT Company can provide these solutions from a platform of knowledge and experience, ensuring you’re getting the best solution for your needs.

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