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Ransomware Mitigation

Ransomware protection and mitigation
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Ransomware is a threat to all businesses

The truth is that it’s impossible to 100% protect yourself from the impact of ransomware, and every business that handles digital data will have some vulnerability to this threat.

Ransomware is a business killer. The implication of a ransomware attack on an unprepared business is huge. Loosing the data that you and you team have worked on for years, in addition to the legal questions of it falling in to the wrong hands can be devastating.

But, you can protect yourself

Whilst the risk of ransomware will always be present, a well considered data backup and disaster management strategy can greatly assist you in recovering quickly and entirely from this risk.

The Good IT Company do this in a way that is bespoke to your business and it’s infrastructure – the process for protecting cloud services is different to protecting data that is on a server in your office, or data that is on the end users machine

We consider each point of vulnerability, from the risk of attack through to the recovery of data should the worst happen.

Maybe you’re contacting us because you’re already infected. We’ll guide you through the process and analyse the recovery options you have.

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