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Web Design

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£30 / month

IT Support

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Data Backup

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Fast, reliable web hosting Online Data Backup

IT Support and Web Design for every requirement

Websites for Businesses

Business Website

Professional, modern and cost effective

Business websites have one major purpose: to make money via the web. You are online to advertise yourself on the web and bring in customers. Whether that's through beating your competitors online, encouraging sales or bookings, creating a cool & desirable brand or tying together your social media, it's all about a profitable website.

We've built and supported profitable websites for retailers, engineering firms, holiday firms, hotels, IT companies, restaurants, consultants, accountants, translators, accountants and skilled professionals including solar, stove, aerial and security installers... So we know what it takes to hit the top of your ability online!


Professional websites for just £30/month >

Online shops

Online shops

Highly profitable Ecommerce websites

An ecommerce website needs to be professional, flexible and, most importantly, profitable. It needs to draw people in, encourage them to dust off their wallets and buy what you think they should buy. And it needs to do all that better than your web competitors do.

Through years working with Ecommerce platforms, we are able to build profitable, modern online shops quickly and solidly, and support and maintain them for life if required. Whether it's a mail order website, online catalogue or highly stylish online web companion for your showroom you are looking for, The Good IT Company are the experts in making it great.


Fully supported and hosted online shops for just £60/month >

Bands and groups

Websites for bands

Striking, stylish media websites

Being in a band or public group is all about impact, image, generating fascination and hype. Everyone should be drawn to what you do, a website should be perfectly presented for your audience on the web. You may also want to show what you do, through imbedding audio like Soundcloud, embedding video such as Youtube, and image galleries.

Money in the early days of a band can also be tight. Under our monthly no-contract approach you can a web team at your back, helping you push what you do with all their skill. Many of us are musicians and performers ourselves, in bands and theatre companies. We've got your back - and we can design and build you something very special!


Awesome band and community websites for just £30/month >

Sole traders

Sole trader websites

Cost effective and profitable - exactly what you need

The Vibe package is very popular with Sole Traders, as it's a low cost, no-contract way to get yourself a professional website to really kick start what you do, and get you advertising professionally online. A good website and presence on the web is a great way to look legitimate, professional and established.

With happy, profitable web customers including tradesmen, photographers, designers, consultants, personal assistants and stylists, the Vibe Website package has proven to work well for all kinds of Sole Traders and small businesses, whether you want your website fancy or just very effective.


Effective and impressive sole trader websites for just £30/month >

Blogs, communities and online clubs


Perfect community websites & social media hubs

Online clubs and web communities are the most popular modern way to share your interest with the public, and draw in those who share your interest. They can be very powerful members-only money-making businesses in their own right, or simply a place for like-minded people to gather online and share in their experiences.

Community websites are used to share articles, knowledge and opinions on hugely popular topics like entertainment, including film, music, or tv, and physical interests like sports, bodybuilding or weight loss, to name a few. You can also create members-only web clubs, to share premium workout and diet programs, for example. The possibilities are endless - challenge us, and we'll make the best one in your market, and make it affordable!


Vibrant online communities and blogs for just £45/month >

IT Support, Web Design and Data Backup done the right way

The Good IT Company are one of the UK's fastest growing providers of web design, ecommerce, IT support and data backup - for a reason!

From the way customers pay for our web and support services, to the way we look after you, everything we do is modern and designed for organisations who want to grow quickly and work effectively. We are here to help your success. All of our services are detailed on this website, and if there's anything you want to know about what we do, including our unique Vibe Websites and how we support you, contact us and we'll get straight back to you.

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